SBFM Machinery  is one of the best companies in the field of manufacturing of sheet bending and flanging machines, in Turkey.

In our facility, planned and systematical working are our fundamental principle. Effective planning makes work sharing easier and helps to guarantee to the customers about right time of delivery.

We have state of the art machines in our production infrastructure that develops and renews itself.

As SBFM, Our purpose is to provide requirements of the sector, with the productions we manufacture.



This part is the first step of machine production process and it contains making needed calculations of machines, drawing these machines on CAD programs like AutoCAD and Solidworks to see integrated productions as 3D dimension virtually and analysing machines.  Currently, we have 2 Solidworks CAD program - one of them is with structurel analysis module-. Machines are designed as 2D and 3D for controlling capabilities of machines visually

Design process is not proceeding only with one person. Just in case possibility of being some mistakes or improvements, meetings are set for review of design and different options for improvements are considered by taking support of analysis program as well. Then, it is approved for passing next step of production process.   


One of the steps before starting machine production is procuring necessary materials according to product tree list that is decided in design step. In this step, flat plate products, steel of shafts, brass blocks, hydraulic cylinder materials etc. are procured.


These are the components that have manufactured, have been manufacturing or procured from marketplace and ready to use in the assembly part. These components can be classified as Electrical Unit, Hydraulic Unit, Reductor, Ball Bearings etc.


In this step of the process , these kind of works are carried out ; for completed machine elements as schematically and constructionally, being taken technical drawings and forming some parts which are needed, with the aid of various cutting tools.


Raw materials that have been procured as sheet metal in different dimensions and specifications, are cut according to drawings that prepared in design step , by using CNC Plasma Machine.


In this step, some specified parts in the desing step are welded properly after machining or cutting step to make it ready for assembly.


This is the last step of manufacturing process and in this step, all parts are assembled. Then integrated machine is obtained.


After production of machine, another very important case that controlling the machine. So, in this step machine is tested to verify reality of datas that obtained theoritically and in virtual system. This step includes all parts of machine. Firstly, controlling is started from electrical equipment. The electric panel, valves and other electrical parts are tested. Then, movements of pistons and leakage of hydraulic oil are checked over. Finally, the material which will treated, is placed to machine properly and it is worked on material to test for general tests of machine.    


After all tests are done and datas are confirmed, machine is ready for delivery.